How to prevent navigation until all hotspots are visited

Aug 20, 2013

Hey there! I'm doing an instructional video of our company website and have several slides with hotspots connected to layers. I want to create some sort of restriction that prevents my users from continuing until they've visited each hotspot. I know this has to do with triggers, states or variables, but I can't remember which, and I can't remember exactly where to put it (slide or player??) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Lara McKinnon

Utilizing the hover feature of a transparent shape AND tie navigation control:

  1. Create trigger to show appsociated layer when user hovers mouse over transparent shape
  2. Create Visited state for each transparent shape
  3. Add trigger on associated layer to change state of transparent shape to Visited when the timeline starts (or timeline ends if you wan to be evil)
  4. Edit Next slide Trigger and add condition with each Visited state

Why would you want to do this? The hover feature has the restore on mouse leave feature which may be helpful in some interactions.

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