How to: Quickly remove images from your Published Word document

May 03, 2018

Hi! I want to show you a quick way to remove images in your Published Word document. If you haven’t already used the Publish to Word option for a script, it’s not too late to start. It’s a super easy and quick way to finalize a script for recording.

I insert the script into the notes section of Storyline. You can use the Notes Tab and Text-to-Speech for your reviews to get accurate script feedback. I share all about that in another post. After incorporating feedback, you’re ready to publish your script.

And Boom! The images are gone. The Note: is also shown throughout the document. I remove that as well by going back to Replace, and in the same field, type Notes: and then click Replace All. This removes Notes: from the entire document. Now, you’re ready to reformat, add voiceover instructions, and so on in the way you or your voiceover talent prefers.  

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Stefanie Lawless

This is great! We use this for narration as well, but do it a little differently.

Our narration has to be in Courier 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, for every script. So we have that word doc already created as our "template". Then we copy everything from the Publish to Word document and paste it into the template Word doc via Right Click --> Paste (Keep Text Only). It automatically pastes only the text and omits all images and previous text formatting. And maintains our Courier font, just like we need!

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