How to randomize quizzes in Storyline?

Apr 06, 2013


I used Quizmaker, and I've now imported all quizzes in Storyline.

But I don't see how to randomize questions in storyline.

I have a quiz with 60 questions. I'd like to select randomly 20 questions each time the user opens the quiz.

How can I do that in Storyline ? It was easy with Quizmaker. Is it that Storyline does not allow that?



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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi André,

It's fairly easy in Storyline as well. Repeating the steps below usually does it.

1) Add all of your 60 questions to a question bank.
2) While in Story View, Right Click and click New Slice-->Draw From Bank--> Tick "Draw Questions Randomly" / Select "Include 20 questions".
3) Additionally, you can then set up a Results slide if you like (this is optional) right after the slide above.

Hope this helps,

Alexandros Anoyatis

André BARELIER said:

Thanks Alex,

I followed your instructions.

When I preview the quiz, all questions appear.

Do I have to publish it in order to have only 20 questions each time I load the quiz?

I would do what Helen is doing, but instead of deleting the questions, I would place them in a different scene for reference. Sure the story size (and final publish size) is bigger, but if you want to come back to a question, that's the quickest way.

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