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May 01, 2015

Hi there, I have a few questions in relation to Storyline and Quizmaker

1. Is it possible to import Quizmaker 13 files into Storyline 2

2. If I create a quiz in Storyline 2 will it allow me to randomize say 10 out of 20 questions as it does in Quizmaker

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Theresa Hassey

Thank you for your response to my question.
Would you be able to answer just one more for me.
This one is related to Storyline 1.
I have not yet been upgraded to Storyline 2 and am in the process of getting information together for my company to justify the expense, however, I currently have a project underway in Storyline and I have included a quiz - I've used the storyline quiz slides to do this and have it all in a separate scene. My question is if it is possible to randomize this quiz, there are 24 questions and I would like the learner to be asked 10 random questions from it each time the course is taken. Is it possible to do this on Storyline version 1.

Thanks again for your help and kind regards


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