How to rearrange slides in a scene in Story View

Jun 05, 2012

I would like to re arrange the slide within a scene in Story View. Also is it possible to renumber the slides?


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Jamie Morgan

From my experience, the slides build into the scene based on the navigation within the scene. For instance, if you have one starting slide that branches into 3 possible paths, those 3 paths will appear under the starting slide 1 next to the other. Kind of like a flow chart when you stop and think about it. You can't drag them & reposition them anywhere you want.

As for the numbering, you can't change that either. However, if you insert slides into a scene, it will update the numbering depending on where you insert it. For example, let's say you have a scene with 8 slides and you insert a new slide after slide 4. The new slide will be #5 and all the slides below it will get updated with new numbers.

Hope that helps.

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