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Walt Hamilton

Bear in mind that the flow of your program is controlled by the triggers, not by StoryView, nor by the menu.
Although Storyview drives our OCD friends  to the brink of despair, remember: WHAT YOU SEE IN STORYVIEW IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO PROGRAM FLOW DETERMINATION. It is merely a visual representation of how the triggers are set up.

There is VERY little about program flow that you can change from StoryView. If you have a trigger that jumps to the next slide, you can identify which slide is next by dragging it. Otherwise, almost anything you do in StoryView to change program flow is wasted effort and can be VERY frustrating.

If you want to change program flow, find and change the triggers that control it.

If you want to add a slide (I'm assuming from another scene), first create a trigger on the target slide that points to Next Slide. Then you can drag the slide under the target slide, and it will move.