How to record a failed (pass/fail) instead of incomplete/failed.

Apr 25, 2023

Is it possible to complete a course in LMS (Scorm 1.2) with pass/fail where the user did not pass the test? At the moment I can only select complete/passed and Incomplete/Failed. I would love to have an option for pass/failed. The reason I want something like that is I have 14 quizzes and the user must pass all 14 in order to pass the training otherwise they fail.  I need the training to register as pass/failed.  If they fail they must complete an in person training.  The training completes but won't close out in our LMS because our LMS does not recognize a completed course as  'incomplete', only pass or fail.  Incomplete means that have not made it through the entire training.  I see in past responses to questions like this it states that there are 4 options but only 2 appear (see attached image).  Am I missing something?  

 When I test in SCORM Cloud is shows as incomplete (see image).  I only see 2 trigger options for completing the course:  incomplete/failed, pass/complete.  I've even tried not using the trigger to close it out.   I thought at one time there was passed/failed.  Is there some workaround for this?  I have another similar course built in 2019 that completes as pass/fail.  I'm not sure why this is possible then but I'm unable to replicate that now.  I have attached the course for you to review.  

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Lynee,

Thanks for reaching out!

The complete course trigger will send a Passed marked depending on the reporting status that you select when you publish the course. Make sure that you're selecting the correct status report and learning standard to see a Passed mark reported to your LMS. For your reference, you can check out this article which explains the differences between the reporting options available in the publishing settings: 

Try publishing your course using either the 'Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed' option, and tracking using the complete course trigger to see if this works for you. If you're main goal is to track completion using the complete course trigger, then you can uncheck this option as well: 

Let me know how it goes!