How to recover lost Storyline files using Review 360?

Apr 13, 2021

My computer crashed and lost my storyline files. But, I did publish some to the review 360 site. Is there a way to recover files from the review 360 site?

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Tom Kuhlmann

As Matthew noted, you can't, however it's possible to get something.

I did a post on using Screentogif to do a screen capture of courses when you don't have the original content. It's not perfect, but you can capture the bulk of the content in some form.

The idea is to go through the course screen by screen. The tool will capture all the screens and you can export those as images. Then you have the content. Where you need to make a change, cover the old content and add new or just create a new slide. Odds are you won't need to redo every slide.

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