How to remove logo for 1 slide? (Full page splash screen)

Sep 04, 2014

I have a course that I'm working on that the first slide is a full page video.

I have unchecked menu, prev, next , & Seekbar for that slide and it plays perfect.

It then advances to the next slde automatically where the menu, the seekbar and the buttons appear.

So far perfect!

I have now added a logo - which shows above the menu.  However - there does not seem to be a way to make the logo go away for my initial splash screen.  What happens is that the logo shows in the top left w/ a giant colored box where the menu would live.  Is there anyway to remove the logo for a specific slide?

Below is an image to see what Im talking about.  The white is where the video is playing - it would play across the screen.

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Rob Verzera

Thanks Ashley,

That is the route Im exploring now. Let me ask you this - is there a way to then position the menu under the logo in the master slide?

Or would I have to go the customer menu route?

Looking at the image above - id I created a master slide w/ the logo located where it is above and the green area under it for the menu & resources tab - is there a way get the menu in that area?

That way I could take advantage of the built in menu vs having to create my own.

Megan Sackett

Is there a possibility of being able to fully control what is on the first slide in the future?  We also do an initial splash screen and would like for it to be full screen and then the logo appear on the remaining slides.  Also, is there any talk about implementing presenter box or elapsed and total time as in Presenter?

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