How to restrict navigation in SL

Hi All,

In Articulate Presenter we can restrict navigation so the user can only view the next slide after viewing all the objects in the current slide.

Can this be done in Storyline?  I don't see an option to restrict their navigation but i found restrict navigation in the Player settings on the Menu but it only restricts navigation when using the menu not the player Next button.

Will appreciate your help and suggestions.



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Bruce Graham


One way is to use variables (for example - True or False), which switch based on something happening, (for example viewing a layer), the variable switches based on an action, and the Next button is allowed to operate based on a Trigger that only goes to the next slide if the variable has been changed.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Barbara!

To have an object appear/disappear you will want to add a trigger and set the initial state to hidden.

From your request, this is the trigger I would recommend.

Change state of Next Button

To State Normal

When Media Completes

Object Slide

And then you can keep the conditions as if (variable) is equal to true.

I hope this helps! Let me know if I'm off base.