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Sep 03, 2019

Storyline 3 - This might not be possible, but I've created a project with five slides that the learner has to view in order.  I want to restrict navigation so the slides have to be viewed in order, but I want navigation available only by clicking the menu items.  I removed the previous/next buttons in the slide properties, but have not found a way to make the menu clickable... it only seems to work if I keep the prev/next buttons and once they've navigated to the last slide using those, they're able to click on titles in the menu.  Can I do this, or am I bound to having prev/next buttons visible?

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Jerry Beaucaire

Built-in, I do not believe you can use the MENU when RESTRICT is on until you've navigated past using the PREV / NEXT triggers on the slide itself or in the player.

But if this need is super-important, then it might be worth the effort for you to create your own menu on the left and take full control of it.

You can customize your project size, so you could easily widen the project by 20% and create your own menu on the left with the same background color as the player, using your own text boxes to create a set of links that could look virtually identical to the player's own menu, except it's actually on the slide.

This way you can activate those text box links with triggers and states to occur as a natural part of the slides' timelines.

 A little work, you'll have to weight the value of this functionality.

Brian Glover

Thank you Jerry, I agree it's a bit too much work for such a simple asset.  Since the viewing order is most important, and it's only five slides, the client's agreed that the menu is less important and we'll remove it entirely, leaving just the prev/next buttons for navigation.  It would be a different story if this was a lengthy piece of media.  Cheers!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

I imagine your slides are also set to advance by user? If so, that's looking for user interaction on the slide to allow it to advance and clicking on the menu would be considered "jumping ahead". You could look at setting the slides to advance automatically and that would allow learners to click through the menu too. 

Brian Glover

Hi Ashley, thank you. I tried your suggestion, but then the slides do advance at the end of the timeline, and there's a fair bit of text on each that they're required to read.  I tried pausing the timeline, but I couldn't figure out how to resume it by clicking in the menu - it requires a click on an object on the stage.  I have the option of leaving the menu out and just relying on the prev/next buttons, but the client's preference was to just have a menu (no prev/next buttons), and have the learner click through the menu items in order, with the option of going back to read previous slides.  If I can, I'd like to give them what they're hoping for. 

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