How to populate PDF from results of drag and drop?

Jun 02, 2017

I have a slide with a bunch of drag and drop items in it.  It has a trigger that submits the drag and drop interaction and goes to a results slide.  The results slide has a button with a trigger that will jump to a pdf file with a checkbox for each draggable item.  I would like to pre-fill in the checkboxes depending on what was dragged.  How do I do that?  

I have added triggers to change the state of a dragged item to Selected when it is dropped on the drop target.  Is adding triggers to change state the best way?  If so, how do I fill in the checkboxes on the .pdf for the items of selected state?

Is this even possible?   If not, is there a native file type I could use? 


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Frank Siegel

I actually decided to go with html, as pdfmake wasn't really working for me, and I didn't really care whether my file was a pdf or not.  In fact, I really didn't need a file -- just the info.  I basically have 2 triggers on each item to be dragged and dropped, and I set a variable when I drop it on the target.  I unset the variable when I drag it back.   I created a transparent shape over the drop target so that I could tell when something was dragged over it, thus unsetting the variable.  Then I just wrote some JavaScript to use the variables, generate an .html file, display it, and print it if I want.

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