How to select Question Banks from check boxes

Jul 11, 2013


 I have 7 Question banks each with a different theme of questions. The first screen has a number of Check Boxes from which I hope the required themes can be selected.

 I have set up a variable for each of these themes, but what I am now struggling to do is for example

 to would be if Checkboxes   3 , 4, 6 are selected then Question Banks 3, 4, 6 are displayed.

 I am sure there is a simple way of doing this but I am struggling at he moment.

 Any help would be appreciated.


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Nicole Legault

Hey there Rik! You're on the right track with the variables.... and there are actually different ways you can do this, but one way is as follows:

  • Set up your various question banks
  • On a slide, set up your radio buttons (checkmarks) and also create a submit button
  • Create a number variable with default value of Zero.
  • Add trigger to each radio button to adjust the variable when clicked (if they choose Question Bank 1, Variable is set to 1, if they choose QB2, variable is set to 2)
  • Add triggers to Submit button "If variable = 1, show QB1", "if variable = 2, show QB2"

I've attached a .story file to show you how I got this working, and to use as a starting point! Hope this helps!! If you need further assistance, let me know and I'll be happy to help!

rik apple

Hi thank you very much for the quick answer. Your solution works fantastically and you have saved a lot of head scratching!

Just one quick follow up question.

in your example I can only select option one or option two.

With mine there can be up to 4 options which could be ticked, if in your example both could be selected would each just follow on or would the triggers need resetting?

Antony Snow

Hi Rik and Nicole,

I know it would create a bit more work, but using the example from Nicole, could you have multiple scenes for different QB draws i.e. scene 1 = draw from QB1, scene 2 = draw from QB2 and scene 3 = draw from QB1 and QB2?

You could then remove the variable and add triggers to the 'Submit Selection' button to jump to the applicable scene based on which radio button(s) has a selected state when the user clicks on it (you would also have to remove the radio buttons from the button set to allow the user to select more than one at a time). For example:

Action: Jump to scene

Scene: Scene 3

When: User clicks

Object: Button 3: "Submit Selection"

On condition that "Question bank 1"'s state is Selected AND "Question bank 2"'s state is Selected

Just a thought....


Jacob Olivier


that looks very the idea of radio button

Just one question about the result slide and the LMS: How should we manage the result slide.

I mean, for the moment, in a classical file, I have one question bank and a result slide dedicated.

On the example provided by Nicole, there are 2 different QB. How can we sure that result of the selected QB will be shown on the result slide (and available for LMS)?


Thanks by advance



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