How to send a signal to an LMS that a user has completed a course.

Jun 25, 2013


I have created a course in Storyline. This course contains 2 modules. At the end of each module there are some quiz questions that a user must answer. The user is not obligated to answer correctly – the user is only required to push the ‘submit’ button for each-and-every quiz question.

Once a user has submitted his/her answers, a button will be revealed on the very last slide of the course. Once a user pushes this button, a SCORM 1.2 compliant signal should be sent to our LMS - signalling that the user has ‘completed’ the course.

How should I set this up? 

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Phil Mayor

try setting the score for each question to 0, this should give a 100% pass resultensure the result slide is the last slide (this can look how you want, should give a complete status.

You can add in some javascript to force complete on a button but this is not infallible and if the user leaves the course it wont work.

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