how to set two hotspots on the same slide - both to be correct

Hi everyone,

I am making a quiz, using software simulations and i want to add a second hotspot on one slide, but I want both hotspots to be correct option. 

When I click Edit hotspot, I can only chose one hotspot to be correct. 

Is there a way around that?

Thanks you!



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Val De Pauw

Hi Gerry,

One possible workaround for this problem is to not use the freeform quiz option and to just trigger your hotspots to show the Correct layer when they are clicked. That way you can place any number of hotspots and trigger them all to show the Correct layer.

If you like the feedback box that Freeform supplies, just Convert to freeform, select a hotspot, then delete the incorrect layer and set all hotspots to show the Correct layer.

Hope that answers your question! (I'm trying to gain karma in advance of posting my own question... ;D

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gergana and welcome to Heroes!

The built in hotspot question only allows for one correct answer, but you could use a pick many question type to set up a question with more than one correct hotspot - but the user will need to select all the "correct" options for the question to be correct as there is no partial scoring. 

Also, Val's suggestion is a good workaround if you need certain ones to be correct and the user to see that feedback regardless of selecting all the correct options. 

Gergana Ivanova

Thank you both! 

I am trying to stick with what I get from the software simulation test mode. There are a lot of things to change anyways,

I could definitely use your suggestions when I am starting from scratch. 

I tried something simpler now- I changed the automatically generated rectangle hotspot with a free-form hotspot that just covers both things, so wherever they click - they get the correct feedback  

Thank you for sharing!