How to Set up a Web Server

Feb 19, 2013

My IT department is requesting info about how to set up a new web server for my Articulate courses.   Is there any documentation on this?  Questions:  Do you need any special MIME types defined in firewall or on server?  Does Articulate require any special firewall settings for mobile devices?  I have searched the forum and found some things related to MIME types for FLV and MP4, but nothing about basic set up and firewall.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Karen. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

An easier approach may be to use Articulate Online. There's a free trial available, so you may want to check it out and see if that's something that may be an option for your company. 

The MIME types will be defined on the server, itself. It sounds like you've already seen this information, but just in case you want to pass along the documented information, I'm providing the support articles below:

Add an FLV MIME type to your server

Add an MP4 MIME type to your server

We really can't walk you through the process of setting up your own web server, this is something your IT department will need to handle. This is why you haven't seen much on this topic throughout the forums. However, we can try our best to answer your questions If your IT department requires the content to be distributed on their web server, the best option may be to create it, work with the information provided above, then test it. We're happy to help out with that, too.

Let us know how it goes!

Peter Anderson

Hi Karen, welcome!

Good question, and thanks for asking. Just a couple notes to add onto what Christine mentioned. The only server requirements for Articulate content is that it can handle the file types generated by the software, or any files you have added separately.These can include (but are not limited to) HTML, XML, and SWF files.

And as you both noted, you'll want to be sure your server supports both the FLV and MP4 MIME types:

As for the Mobile Player App, you'll want to keep in mind that currently there isn't a way to pass security credentials from a web browser to a mobile application apart from Tin Can API. As a result, you won't be able to view SCORM, AICC, or web content in the Articulate Mobile Player if your LMS or web server requires users to login.

Hope that's helpful!

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