How to show Results slide ONLY after ALL questions from all 6 scenes have been answered?

Mar 03, 2016

1. To show the Results slide after all questions from 6 scenes have been answered

2. To show the Congratulations page (slide 1.3) after learner passes the test (50%)

Currently stuck at Table of Content (slide 1.2). How do we show the Results slide based on conditions above?


Thanks in advance to this Awesome community!


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Benedict Chia

Hi Wendy, 

It works. You are my Hero :)

To make the "NEXT" button more noticeable, I added an extra layer. However, I noticed that it shows up for just a split second once the conditions are fulfilled. Its just a split second but distracting nonetheless. Any suggestion to improve it?

Or do I have to go with variables?  

Thanks and TGIF!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Benedict

take a look at attached - I deleted the slide layer and added a text box 'Click Next to continue'.

The text box is hidden and changes to normal when timeline starts if all the buttons are in visited state.  It is animated to float up from bottom. 

Hope that helps you

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