How to stop double counting a variable

I am creating a self-assessment that uses hot spots to track answers.  I have also included "Hint" and "Tell Me" buttons in case the learner needs a little help.

I'm using a numeric variable called "scoring."

I've created a trigger to add 1,000 points if the answer is correct.

Another trigger to subtract 500 points if the Hint button is clicked.

and a final trigger to subtract 1,000 points if the Tell Me button is used.

The triggers work fine, but there are several problems that could arise that I do not know how to address (though I have been trying!).

1. If someone clicks BOTH the Hint and Tell Me buttons, they will be -1,500.  I don't want them to be minus more than 1,000 on any one screen.

2. If someone clicks the Hint or Tell Me button again, they will be minus even more points.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to handle these 2 issues? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jill, one thing you might consider doing is to create a couple of new boolean variables to stop your counters from being triggered more than once.

For example, you could create a varaible called HintSelected and set the inital value to false.

On your screen, you would add another trigger to turn this value to true when the user clicks the hint button.

To the trigger you have already created, add a condition  that says subtract 500  if HintSelected is false.

Do the same type of thing for the Tell Me button.

Remember the order of triggers is important so I think you would have the boolean one first in the list.

This should solve your second problem.

As for your first one, I have to think about it a bit more. 

Jill McNair


Thank you so much!  It worked - issue 2 is solved.

I'll keep working on the first issue.  It almost seems like I would need a specific variable for each slide that tracks the clicking of the Hint and Tell Me on that slide.  Then I could adjust the score by adding 500 to the score if both were clicked.  Please let me know if you come up with anything.

Again - thanks!