How to trigger an exit animation?

Sep 14, 2016

I have a shape that when clicked shows a layer with scrolling panel.  When that layer shows, the scrolling panel appears with the entrance animation, Shape, with the Out effect option.  I grouped a little red "X" onto the scrolling panel.   When the user clicks the red X, the trigger hides that layer.  How can I get the scrolling panel to use the exit animation, Shape, with the In effect option, before the layer it is on is hidden?

If you can figure this out with just a simple shape on that second layer so  when that shape is clicked it performs an exit animation then hides the layer, that would be all I need to get this to work.

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John Blum

I tried this approach which works the first time the shape on the base layer is clicked, but not subsequent times the shape is clicked:

The duration of the entrance and exit animations is .75 seconds each for the grouped scrolling panel.  The timeline for the group is 2 seconds (just barely longer that the total animation time)

I created these triggers:

  • Pause timeline on this layer when the timeline reaches 1 second
  • Hide this layer when the timeline ends
  • Resume timeline on this layer when the user clicks

It's doing exactly what I want it to do, except it only works the first time that shape on on the base layer is clicked.  Why?  Is there a way to reset the base layer each time it is returned to?

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Richard Hill

Hi John, pause your timeline on your layer somewhere near but not at the end.  Then instead of hide layer on your trigger, tell it to play the layer.  Check the cog icon of the Slide Layer properties and check the box that says hide slide layer on completion.  That should allow it play your exit animation.  Good luck.

Stuart Gilbert

Hi (to whomever might be reading this) - I can see this is a fairly old post but the title is exactly what I need to do so I thought I'd add my question and hope for the best.  (I did leave post this same question on another post but realized after I did it that I used an old email address for myself, so I'm afraid I won't be notified.) I am using Storyline 360.

I am simply trying to delay an exit animation for an object. I want the object to display from the beginning of the slide and then a few seconds later to shrink and exit. I would like to trigger the exit animation on either a cue point or a time on the timeline.

How do I add a trigger to a simple (non-motion path) animation?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks very much.

Stuart Gilbert

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