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Nov 07, 2012

Hi all

I'm having a bit of an issue with an animation activating on a trigger.

On a slide, I have 4 hotspots, that when clicked have a layer with relevant text in a caption box flying in from the bottom (the entry animation).  There is a red X in the top corner with a trigger to execute an exit animation of fly out to the bottom.  However, when the user clicks the X, the layer closes instantly.  The trigger is: "Hide layer; This Layer; When user clicks.

The animation only works correctly at the end of the timeline, but I want it to apply to the red X, not on time....

Any thoughts??


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Mel Ruth

Hi Simon,

I had this same issue a while ago and I solved it by creating a second layer for each of my original layers just for the exit animations.

For example, if you have 4 layers (one containing the text for each of your hotspots), you will have to create 4 more layers with the same content.  In each hotspot layer, have the trigger for the red X "show" the corresponding "exit" layer (i.e.: "Hotspot_1" goes to "Exit_Hotspot_1").  In that "exit" layer, make the timeline only a second or so long and apply an exit animation to the text box.  Then, in your "Slide Layer Properties" (click on the white 'gear'-image at the right side of the slide layer in the Layers panel), set it to "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes".  The result is an animated exit for your slide layer that returns you to the base layer.

Hope that helps!

Jerson  Campos

The animations are tied to the timeline. If you have a trigger to hide the layer, it will do just that. Hide the layer. And if you put the fly away animation on an object  then it will only fly away when the object's timeline ends.  The triggers and animations really can't effect each other.  This is one of the thing I like about captivate. You can put a button in the scene that will pause the timeline and only continue when the user presses it. It would make it so much easier if Storyline had that capability within the layers.

I think Me's workaround is the only way to acheive what you are trying to accomplish. You'll have to duplicate layers, have one that enters as normal. When you press the X it hides that layer and then shows the other layer with the exiting animations.

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