How to undo changes made to the slides by changing story size

Oct 01, 2016

Hi all, 

Ran into trouble again :(   , this time with the story size

I changed my story size and then i changed it back to what it was previously and it kind of messed up my whole project. Some of the things i can change back to how they were by simply changing their position but on some slides i can't get things back to the way they were. 

Does anyone know how to undo these changes caused by change in story size? 

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Ash N

Thanks for the reply Leslie

Its just that i had to manually resize all the objects on my slides after i changed back to the old story size.

The slides on which i wasn't able to do changes, i found out later that those objects were locked. After unlocking them i was able to change things around. ( i must have locked them and later forgot abt it ,.. oops my bad 😊)

I now know that i should choose the story size before i begin creating any slides... and i learned the hard way lol

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