How to use 360 images from Google Maps?

Jul 29, 2022

Hi there! I'm trying out the new 360 image feature and love the endless possibilities it presents!

I'd like to use a 360 image of ship deck and can see plenty of 360 images that people have uploaded to Google Maps that would work perfectly for my project. 

I can see a great example here from the very talented Sarah Hodge that appears to have used 360 images taken from Google Maps:

Does anyone know how to do this? :) 




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John Morgan

Hi, Jesper!

Good news! I have an article for you on How to Find and Create 360° Images for Your Storyline 360 Projects. While it does have many useful tips, it doesn't cover Google Maps specifically. There is an extension you can and to the Chrome web browser called Pano Fetch that's available through the Chrome Web Store. This may get you the result you're looking for.

Thanks for reaching out!

Jesper Adams

Hi John, 

Thank you for the article! Some really useful information, and the Pano Fetch app works brilliantly for downloading Google Street view as images, although unfortunately it doesn't work for downloading 360 Panorama images on Google Maps which is what I need for my ship deck project. 

In Sarah's project that I linked to above, do you know if the owners of those images were contacted for original file and then linked to in the project in order to reference their work?

Many thanks again!


John Morgan

Hi Jesper,

I'm sorry Pano Fetch didn't work for the 360 panoramas. Our community members will be able to see this conversation and maybe someone will have some other options for downloading those images. E-Learning Heroes is filled with very talented people!

Regarding image ownership, the best way to avoid any copyright issues is to get permission from the owner of the photo. The only ways to know if that actually happened would be to get in touch with the creator of the photo or the creator of the course.