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Jul 15, 2013

Hi All,

I worked on a storyline course for one of my client. The course looked great and dint have any loading issues with IE9, Chrome, firefox and desktop safari. But when i published the course in IPAD through SABA LMS the course went haywire in Mobile safari. None of the controls worked, neither did the course properly loaded . I have around 33 pages with audio, basic animation and low end graphics. Its not working for me at all in IPAD 2 and IPAD 3.

Is there any way we can make it wok properly in Mobile Safari since the client is insisting on viewing the course in IPAD. Articulate mobile player is out of the question since the LMS will not launch course from an application and more over i read it  only supports TIN CAP API LMS. IF anybody helps me out i will be all the more greatful....

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Adrian Dean

Howdy Ashwin,

Welcome to Heroes! I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having with viewing your course on the iPad. Have you taken a look at the following resources?:

Also, just to note, what version of iOS are you using?

Always Happy to Help,


Ashwin Gopan

Hey Adrian,

Thanks for your speedy reply.

The version of IOS used in IPAD is IOS 6.0 (Safari 6.0).

Unfortunately i reviewed the links that you had mentioned only after all the damage was done.

While the initial analysis, the product mentioned that it publishes HTML 5 output for IPAD as well.

So the delivery was committed to the client in HTML5 IPAD compatible course too. 

Now am kinda stuck. Is there anyways to make it work. Any possibilities. Any wild ideas would also help.



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