Storyline2 Behavior: HTML 5 output - cannot click on a shape in Custom State

Oct 14, 2016

Happy Friday,

I am looking for some clarifications regarding the HTML5 output functionality. Here is a link to my HTML5 output:


Description: The accordion menu options: Surreal, Pet Shop, Waterfront - all have a custom State - Selected. This state places the menu options to the left of the displayed image.

Problem: In HTML5 output, the menu options Surreal, Pet Shop, Waterfront cannot be clicked once they are in a Selected state.  To reproduce, open the link above, click on Waterfront menu option and then try clicking on either Surreal or Pet Shop.

It does work in Flash. I enclosed a project too.

Thanks for your help!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Oleg,

The selected state is a built in state per the definitions here, and as such will work based on that vs. any triggers you've added to it. Actually adding triggers to the built in states is known to cause some odd behavior. I wanted to point that out before digging in a bit further. 

I did try testing your file and saw the same behavior you described, but couldn't replicate in a new file by adding in the state changes and the animations. In a new file those all behaved as expected in the HTML5 output. Can you share a bit more about how you set up this file? 

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