html and html5 output

I have a test out put and after reading expected the story.html to choose what device I am on, however I have tried it on iPad / Android and my Windows Phone!! (I am the only user) and I have to specify story_htlm5.html it does not change as expected from just the story.html output.

I have also posted on another thread but can the story.html be scaleable, I can't seem to get it working from anything but the default. is my test site page, 

In the Design tab I have the story size set to 720x540 lock aspect ratio and if is larger and smaller set to scale to fit.



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Tom Langston

Phil Mayor said:

the story.html file should auto select the version for the device in the order Flash/Mobile Player/HTML5

Yes, I have just tested it again on an android ant it picks up the html5 page from just using story.html.

However I am on a nexus 7 and the object is not re-sizing on the page, so it cuts the top and bottom off or the sides of depending on how you hold the tablet. 

Do you have any advice on scalability?