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Fascinating thing I learned today by total accident. It is possible to embed html in variables. For example, if you want a line break in your text string variable, use a <br> or other formatting html. I haven't played with it to discover what other ways this can be exploited, but this was helpful in meeting my needs.

Does anyone have any other ideas about how this might come in handy?

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karen forkish

Thank you for posting! I thought this used to work, but now I am finding that html code (simple break tag) embedded in a variable is showing up as text instead of acting like code. So, what used to be a bullet list, is now showing up as a long string with a lot of <br> bits.

Is this something that has changed? Or, have I forgotten how to make this work? This is from a file originally created in SL2, and used for cutom closed captioning, but is now being re-published as HTML5 from SL 360.