Embedding Interactive Kaltura Videos

Feb 04, 2022


There are embed code's for regular Kaltura videos that we can embed via a html + web object into Storyline. 

Has anyone been able to embed a interactive Kaltura videos using html + web objects?  Or found any other successful way to embed them into Storyline?

Thank you!
Mary Teresa
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Craig Bunyea

I happened to find and work out a solution to my question yesterday, without the need for Ms Goeman's files, so I deleted my post. Can you delete your reply to me as well?

I'd like to share what I found to the discussion board, but can you help me know where to post it? Does this go under Build Better Courses, or Product Discussions, since Embedding Kaltura as a web object probably is possible in more than just Articulate. Please advise.

Here's my post BTW (as a response to someone else's query):

Craig Bunyea
Lead Technologist

John Morgan

Hi Craig,

Great question! I understand you'd like to know where to post your web object solution. I'd be happy to jump in here! Since embedding web objects is a feature that is commonly used, I would post it in the Product Discussion forum.

Also, I deleted Kelly's post as you requested.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!