Embedding a Kaltura Video into Storyline

Apr 04, 2022

Good morning,

I'm having trouble embedding Kaltura Videos into both Rise and Storyline. I watched this tutorial: http://kawards.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/Kaltura+Videos+in+Articulate+Storyline+by+Strayer+University/1_whhlx9ub which was kind of helpful. Does anyone know how he created the "custom file" that could be uploaded into storyline? 

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Craig Bunyea

Late to the party, but here's what they do: Strayer  inserts a Web Object (the globe icon in the ribbon), and you can create a very simple index.html file (just use Notepad if you want), and locate that file when prompted. I've been creating sub-folders for numerous index files (when you have a lot of courses to develop). In that index.html you should include the <iframe..> code you've been supplied from Kaltura.