HTML still requires Flash?

I just published a course in Storyline 2 to my LMS and selected 'include HTML output' when publishing.  When I did a preview of the course in my LMS, the course window came up with the menu and title bar, but no content.  After playing around with it, I enabled Flash and it worked. 

I only know enough to be dangerous, but one of the main reasons I  switched to Storyline from another content development software was my (apparently erroneous) understanding that HTML output would bypass Flash problems for learners.

Can someone dumb down for me why Flash needs to be enabled for course viewing that was published with HTML output?

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Matthew Bibby

Storyline 2 publishes both Flash and HTML5. It is set up so that if you have Flash installed (not necessarily enabled, just installed) then it will default to that output. If Flash isn't installed, the HTML5 output will run.

If using a supported browsers, you can view the HTML5 output by opening the file called yourprojectname_html5.html.

Storyline 3 and 360 can publish just to HTML5, or to HTML5 with a Flash fallback (i.e. if the browser isn't supported for HTML5 playback and flash is installed, it'll load the Flash version) as well as any other possible combination.

Also note that the browser support for HTML5 is much better in SL2 and SL360. The HTML5 output also works a lot better in the newer version.

I hope that helps!