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Mar 17, 2016

Adobe Captivate has an internal HTML tracker built into the authoring tool. It allows designers to track if there are any HTML elements within their course and where those elements are located. Does Articulate Storyline 2 have a similar feature?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanessa,

Are you referring to HTML5 elements? Storyline will always include the Flash output and you can choose to include the HTML5 as a part of your publish - but I'm not sure I'm clear on which individual HTML5 elements you'd be referring to within the course. I'm not incredibly familiar with Captivates functionality, so hopefully someone else in the forums who has used both can hopefully weigh in here as well!

Vanessa Rodriguez

Sorry for not being more clear. By "HTML elements" I'm referring to triggers that are not supported in HTML5. In Captivate, while you're developing your course (way before publishing), you can turn on a feature called HTML Tracker. This allows the developer to see in real time if something like a trigger is supported in HTML5. It helps me know whether or not the activities I'm developing will be supported in HTML5 upon publishing. It's super helpful so I'm wondering if SL2 has anything like that

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