HTML5 doesn't work on mobile devices

Hi all,

it seems like I need your help. We are going to use Articulate Storyline for our eLearning course training. We are so happy that Storyline supports publishing to HTML5. But.... it seems like it doesn't work. We tried to run the presentation on many mobile devices Android 2+, 4+. Native Android browser, Chome 14+. It doesn't scale, rotating, can't press Submit button etc. Any suggestions? Please help...

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Francisco Carreon

I found out that the HTML 5 out of SL only works in certain browsers and devices, still with some issues, Take a look at I don't think it would work well in Android until Articulate releases a native app for Android devices.

  • Google Chrome 14 or later on Windows or Mac
  • Safari 5.1 or later on Windows or Mac
  • Mobile Safari on Apple iOS 5.0 or later on iPad
Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Oksana!

And thanks for adding the information, Francisco. If you'd like to send us the course you're experiencing trouble with, Oksana, we'd be happy to take a look at the specific issues you're experiencing and try to help. You can open a ticket here and attach your file on the second page of that link.

And here's a great tool that will help you understand what's supported when you develop content for the different delivery options.