HTML5 Issue - Custom states?

Oct 09, 2013

Alright , wondering if anyone knows how to solve a HTML5 issue i'm having at the minute

I have three shapes which link to three separate slides

When the user has finished viewing each slide, a custom state is activated for each shape. The user must view all three shapes until they can proceed using a side navigation arrow which is initially disabled. It is then set to change to normal  through a slide trigger which checks that all of the states of the linked shapes are set to the customised state (completed in this instance).

All works fine in Flash, but when it comes to HTML5 output,  the navigation arrow doesn't change from it's disabled state to normal.

Not sure what could be causing this, any ideas?? Wondering if it's something to do with the fact that the shapes states are custom? Are there any known issues with custom states and HTML5? 


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Chris Godber

Am viewing in Google Chrome , can't share the content i'm afraid.

To further explain some of what going on with the triggers for the shapes states - I have three TRUE / FALSE variables which are set to FALSE initially and then set to TRUE when the user gets to the last slide of each section. There is then a trigger which modifies the state of the three shapes by checking wherever any of the variables have been set to TRUE, and then changes the states accordingly. 

This is my best approximation  of how it works:

Menu slide:

Change state of shape1 to Completed when shape1complete = TRUE

Change state of shape2  to Completed  when shape2complete = TRUE

Change state of shape3  to Completed  when shape3complete = TRUE

shape 1 initial State (Normal) shape 2 initial State (Normal) shape3  initial State (Normal)

Nav Button initial State (Disabled)  - 

Change state of Navbutton to Normal when the state of shape 1, shape 2 and shape 3 is set to Completed

Slide 1 - Linked to shape 1

Set variable shape1complete to TRUE

Slide 2 -Linked to shape 2

Set variable shape2complete to TRUE

Slide 3-Linked to shape 3

Set variable shape3complete to TRUE

Like I said this works perfectly in Flash but HTML5 doesn't seem to be interpreting the trigger to change the state of the Navbutton based on the states of the 3 shapes being set to Completed.

The actual states for the shapes are changing so I don't imagine it's a problem with the variables. 

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