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Sep 03, 2013

Hello, everyone!

I have a very specific issue that I'm encountering with Storyline for HTML5 output on the iPad. Will you please let me know if you've encountered something similar or if you're able to suggest a solution? Thanks!

On the iPad, layers with audio AND onscreen items synced to that audio are playing strangely. The audio plays perfectly when the layer is triggered. Once the audio finishes, THEN the layer's timeline begins and the items on screen begin to play as if they were synced to audio.

I've attached the .story file for a sample because I cannot share any of the actual courses I'm having this problem with. I've also created a spot on our FTP site that you can view the course from your iPad to see the same issue I'm finding.

A few other things you should know:

  1. Layers that have audio and nothing synced (everything is on screen the duration of the layer) function perfectly fine.
  2. Layers without audio function perfectly fine.
  3. The file worked perfectly in early May, before the newest release of Storyline.
  4. It is not working in another course I've developed that is 140MB - this one is 30MB.
  5. We must use HTML5 (instead of the Articulate Mobile Player App) because the client's LMS is not Tin Can ready.

I have an active link for published content from May 8, 2013 that works exactly as intended. But now, the exact same course (no changes have been made) republished is not functioning correctly.

Articulate support (case 353534) suggests it is an iOS and iPad limitation, but I'd like to see if there is any other suggestion for a solution.

Thanks, everyone!


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Michael Hinze

Nick Elkins said:


Strange! Yes, it's how I intended it to work. It's not functioning that way on my iPad or on my QA person's. articulate support sees the issue on their end, too.

Do you have any special settings on your browser?

Thank you!


Hi Nick, I don't have anything special on my iPad or use "weird" Safari settings. In fact, my iPad is an original iPad 1, running iOS 5.1.1

Nick Elkins

Hi Jill,

I've been told this is an issue that is being worked on. I'm hoping it will be fixed in the new update for Storyline expected soon. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, there are two options I can think of for this:

1. Don't develop using synced items on slide layers, or

2. Create videos of the slide layers using screen recordings and then place the videos on each layer. 

Option 2 is time consuming, but it works. That's the route we've chosen to use for a few clients, and it seems to work well.

Good luck!


Nick Elkins

Hi all,

Just wanted to check back in and see if there's any update to this issue? I see there are other threads about it, too, that have not been resolved. I'm now working in Storyline update 4. I really would prefer to not have to eliminate using slide layers with synced audio and onscreen elements - that's a big drawback and limitation.

Other thread:



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