Lines & Arrows Published on iPad

Dec 05, 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm having some issues when publishing my courses to iPad. I've noticed that when I use Storyline created lines and arrows, they publish perfectly for the desktop version of my course. However, they look bad when published to view on the iPad.

This is HTML5 output, not in the Articulate Mobile Player.

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, what was the workaround you used?



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Nick Elkins

That's sort of the route I thought I would need to go. I can copy and paste arrows and lines from PPT into storyline and they publish as images. The problem with SL created arrows and lines is that you can't right-click and save as picture. You can do that with PPT-created ones, though.

Just not a huge fan of needing to create all arrows in another program if I don't have to. And to keep things looking visually the same, you almost have to create them individually in PPT. Otherwise, when you go to resize within SL, theimage gets distorted and arrows on the same screen don't have the same characteristics.

Thank you!

Carla Ollero

Hello Nick - I recently encountered an issue where content wasn't displaying correctly. Support asked me to try the site to validate I received the same issue. As it turned out, some of our folder settings on our server did not have the appropriate permissions. It might be worth a try to rule out server side settings.

Nick Elkins

OK, I must have been doing something wrong. The context menu (menu you get when you right-click) was not giving me the option to save as picture. I restarted my computer and there it is. Hmmm. Oh well. 

OK, I tried Carla's suggestion with posting to the tempshare site, but still have the same issues. Looks like Steve is seeing that problem with HTML5 output, too.

Looks like saving arrow as picture and using that is going to be the best workaround.

Thanks all!

Bill Harnage

Hey Nick,

Html5 w/ browsers is hit or miss period .  You can go here to see the wide range of support -

I still won't advertise html5 output because it's so hit or miss.  If it's being viewed on an ipad, your best bet is to use the articulate player.

Steve, even the ui will render differently.  Photo backgrounds won't show up in IE, but do in FF...

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