HTML5 link reverting to Flash in Sharepoint (Edge and Chrome browsers)

Feb 12, 2020

Hi -  I have published a course (with HTML5/ Flash Fallback settings) that is hosted inside the client's Sharepoint.  The client normally uses the story.aspx link to access the content.  It's my understanding that this story link will select the right format (html5 or flash) depending on the browser the learner is using. 

However, when using the story or html5 link inside of a chrome or edge browser (from within their sharepoint site), the content shifts to flash and does not work.  

When I test those locally, the story and html5 links behave as they should (either selecting the format based on browser or straight to html5) in any browser.

Any ideas as to why the links are behaving differently (reverting to Flash) in Chrome and Edge when accessed from sharepoint?

Thank you!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi S Deal!

Thank you for including your troubleshooting steps! I haven't heard of SharePoint pulling the Flash link in a browser. It should only be using the .html link.

Since html and flash are included in the published output, I would reach out to your SharePoint admin to see how they recommend uploading a file with both published outputs. Most browsers don't use Flash anymore, so I haven't heard of a browser pulling the flash output rather than the html.

Would you mind updating us on what your SharePoint admin recommends? 

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