HTML5 - no audio


 maybe someone of you sees things I fail to see. Attached is a *.story and the produced (web) version. HTML5 (on every browser and different PCs) comes without audio.  I produced about 500 simliar "video tipps" over the last 5 months. In some cases audio works in HTML5, in other cases it doesn't. I have absolutely no idea where to look for a pattern. Maybe one of you can help. Please note that my users work with PC where Flash is either blocked or not (anymore) installed. I don't develop for mobile devices.

 Thanks - Hermann

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Hermann -- I appreciate the opportunity to test your file, and as you have reported, I was not able to hear audio when testing via for HTML5 in Chrome, IE11 or Firefox. But, as you mentioned that there have been times where you have been able to hear audio in HTML5, I would like to see if our Support Engineers might have some additional technical insights to share. I will go ahead and set you up in a case momentarily and will be sure to follow along with their progress.