html5 not resetting results

I have published a course to work on a PC and an iPad within our LMS.  Some users will access via their ipads in safari.  The quiz allows for a retry if failed, and it works perfectly fine on a PC.  The iPad will allow the user to retry but it's not recalculating their results so even after getting all of them right, they still fail.  I've submitted a support case but am looking for a bit of a faster answer as I need to get this training out.  I am including a screenshot of my trigger panel.  The slide has been set to automatically decide and reset to initial...I keep trying different things and nothing is working. Any suggestions??

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lauren,

I see that in your support case John was able to determine the following:

After much testing, I found what was causing the issue with retrying quizzes in the iPad.

I was able to confirm that removing the "hide this layer when user clicks the continue button" trigger on the "correct" and "incorrect" feedback layers breaks the retry quiz functionality in HTML5.

Make sure to add the trigger on both the correct and incorrect feedback layers and also make sure that the trigger is ordered above the jump to next slide trigger. This will fix the issue with the retry button.

If you need any additional help please feel free to let us know here or reply to John's email from