HTML5 on Android (SL2)

Jan 31, 2015


we are having issues with SL2 output on Android tablets while in landscape mode. The content is scaled down to the bottom left corner.

We updated tablets Chrome browser to the latest available version. Unfortunately, we still can not view the Storyline2 project in landscape view on the tablet. For your reference, I have attached pictures indicating the details of the Chrome version in use, the Android version and a print screen of the output in the landscape view on the tablet. We have also updated the Storyline2 to the latest available update.

According to the system requirements published on website, one would expect the output to display correctly. We have tested on various Android devices and the output appears correctly on the majority of those devices, but not on this particular tablet. The material that we are producing has to be compatible with this particular tablet because this specific device is preferred device by our client.

I searched the forums and it seems I am not the only one with such problem - Lily post , Zishan post ,...

Fellow users - what are your experiences with HTML5 content on Android tablets (via iframe and not player).



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sebastjan,

What kind of tablet are you using? Where are you hosting your content?  I know there have been a few recent issues with how Moodle is displaying content - and an issue with Chrome, that was fixed in their latest release. 

If you're hosting within an LMS, you may want to look at testing at SCORM Cloud to see how it displays there as it's an industry standard for testing SCORM content. 

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