HTML5 ouput only - replaying the question displays storyline default next/prev buttons AND disables the question options

Jun 21, 2016

Hi, I have a serious bug with a course I'm working on that occurs in HTML5 output only. Basically when you replay a question after correct/incorrect feedback appears, the default storyline next/prev buttons appear (even though they are switched off on the slide) and additionally, the question options are disabled meaning you cannot submit an answer.

I've been following the thread here, but there doesn't yet seem to  a satisfactory resolution. I see there's a workaround for hiding the next/prev buttons using Javascript but in my case the question options are also getting disabled so I cannot use this solution (as the learner will not be able to advance to the next slide without being able to submit the answer).

Here is a screencast of the bug in action (HTML5 launched in chrome):

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Karen -- Thank you for reaching out, and apologies for your troubles! It looks like a similar issue has been discussed over here in this thread, as well. This issue remains in the hands of our QA team, so unfortunately I do not have any additional information or workarounds to share at this time. Your post will be added to the ticket, so any updates will be shared here as they are received. 

Karen OBrien

I have discovered a 'sort of' workaround to this bug.

If you set the correct and incorrect feedback layers to allow seeking = yes (, it stops the issue from happening. However, it also means that when 'replay' is clicked, it doesn't replay the question from the beginning, instead it just replays the feedback layer.

I hope that the articulate team come up with a fix for this bug sometime soon!

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