html5 output hyperlinks

Mar 26, 2020

how do i set my hyperlink to open in the same window...

it seems that all links use target="_blank"... I want it to open

in the same window (no new window, no new tab)


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Johnrey Landoay

Hi Jeff,

Have you tried adding a web object? If not, you might wanna try and see if this works. Web Object can be found inside the Media category under the Insert tab in the ribbon.

Web object

Click that and fill out the fields for the URL of the web page you want to open, then make sure display in slide and load web object automatically are selected. You may also want to put this on a slide layer.

If your hyperlinks live in the base slide, add a trigger to show layer that has the web object. Check out this guide on how to add web objects.

I hope this works for you but if not, I'm sure our community heroes have more brilliant ideas to help you with your project.



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