HTML5 output stopped working

May 01, 2014

Error Message:

Error loading story_content/data.xml: error (when viewed locally and from web server)


Storyline (Update 5) in Windows 7

Tested in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari (desktop and mobile)

Course details:

38MB, Web output / HTML5 output selected / Mobile App deselected

Here are the steps I've tried so far to fix the issue (in order).

1. Republished

2. Reinstalled Storyline Update 5 / Republished

3. Rebooted Windows / Republished

4. Deactivated / Uninstalled / Fresh install and activation of Storyline / Republished

5. Rebooted Windows / Republished

6. Republished after removing special characters from title

7. Published a different course with same output settings (which worked fine)

Is there something corrupted in the file that would be messing up that data.js file in the mobile folder of the output? Also is there anything I could try before rebuilding the course from scratch? I'm just a bit frustrated since outputs earlier today worked and just stopped working after a few basic text edits and a republish. Any help you can send my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pete,

You mentioned special characters, which are one of the things that could have caused issues within your original file as described here.  In addition to making sure there aren't any special characters in the file name, title or file path - you'll also want to ensure you're working from a local drive and publishing to a local drive. You could try to import the current .story file into a new Storyline project, as described here. 

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