HTML5 publish for mobile |Fonts & Timeline Difficulties

Hi all! 

I am running into problems when publishing the course to HTML5 (using Storyline 360). After running the course on mobile (iPhone) you will see the following problems.  

Problem 1: Text pops up later then it should, based on the timeline.

Problem 2: Imported fonts won't show. First there is a kind of Times New Roman font and after a few seconds the text changes to the imported font. 

Problem 3: The text reference from the data entry field option always shows in the same font. It is not possible to change the font to a imported font. 

To show you guys the problem I have made up a single page course and published it in HTML5. All text should appear direct from the start and the font is Kozuka.

(Publish Type: HTML5 with Flash fallback - without selecting use of Articulate Mobile App)

As you can see the text pops up later than it should. The Kozuka font does not show. There is no kind of animation used to make the text pop up. 

Are you guys having the same problems with publishing in HTML5? Looking for a solution :). 




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Crystal Horn

Hello Alexander!  I tested your course out on both my desktop and my iPhone with mobile Safari to compare.  I can see how the text takes a moment to appear, and that is happening on both the desktop and the mobile browser.  And I noticed a flicker before the imported font was shown, as well.

Also, on the iPhone, I was having trouble entering the text in the entry field because the entry field was so low.  It kept opening my Safari browser controls.  Also, it looks like the course is set to be viewed in landscape mode only.  I can offer this information, however:  Fonts can't be embedded in published output for variable text. As a result, default system fonts will be substituted for variable text. Default system fonts may be different for each computer, tablet, or smartphone where your content is viewed.

So wherever you are using a text variable reference, you'll be limited to the fonts installed on the iPhone, in your case, when viewing.  

If you are able to share a copy of your .story file, we can happily publish and test further on our end!  If not, I'd want to see the timeline of your file and your trigger panel to sort out the tardy appearance of the text.