HTML5 with Flash fallback

Jan 30, 2017

What are the conditions that would lead a course published with "HTML5 with Flash fallback" to fallback to Flash?


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Darren McNeill

There seems to be continued confusion and mixed advice regarding HTML5 with Flash Flashback. All flash support will b gone in January 1st 2021 yet people are still saying that HTML5 will kick in first if Flash is not supported. So if you have HTML5 with Flash Fallback modern browsers will choose HTML5 first...However, we are seeing with many different authoring tools that with the Flash Fallback option, some elements like button animations and slide transitions use Flash and so even with HTML5 with Flash Fallback they will fail even with "modern" browsers.

i have tested this on a browser that does not have Flash installed or supported. A HTML5 with Flash Fallback configured produces several different issues form a blank screen on loading, to quizzes not working, to failure to communicate with the LMS on completion to buttons not working etc.

The general advice is to republish to HTML5 only where possible. Thee is no generic advice as it seems the advice differs between the different authoring tool owners. I can tell you Captivate is a mess also with this, and as it is not updated very often then it will be a bigger mess.

Sally Genovese

I use Storyline 3 to create my SCORM content.  Courses published in format "Flash w/ HTML5 as backup" are no longer launching in our LMS (SumTotal Systems) for most browsers.  I am currently re-publishing all of our SCORM content to "HTML5 w/ Flash backup."  This is a conversation I should have gotten involved with a year ago.  I don't understand why the default format for LMS publishing is still set as "Flash w/ HTML5 as backup."  Is Articulate going to push out an update to the software that changes that setting?

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