Storyline 360--HTML5 text scrambled

May 11, 2017

I'm having issues with how text is displaying in HTML5. Here's an example:

HTML5 corrupt text

It seems to be fine in the Flash version. Can anyone tell me what's going wrong? I've tried both HTML5 with Flash fallback and Flash with HTML5 fallback.


Charles Ruhe

PS--Just output the same file via a downlevel version of Storyline, and it seems to have worked perfectly.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Charles, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Well that certainly doesn't look right.  Can you verify a couple of things for me?

  • Go to your Help tab and click on About Storyline.  Can you let me know the version number you see?
  • Can you provide a link to your output?
  • When you say "downlevel version," are you referring to Storyline 2?

Thanks for the info; I'll be happy to help out!

Charles Ruhe

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for getting back to me! The version # of my SL 360 is v3.4.10364.0

Here are links to the output of two tests. One was set up as HTML5 with Flash Fallback, the other as Flash with HTML5 Fallback.

The downlevel version is Storyline 2, and here's a link to that one, which is working fine:

Thanks for your help!


Crystal Horn

Hi Charles- thanks for all that helpful info!

I can absolutely see the wonky font rendering in the HTML5 version.

We made some improvements to the way HTML5 handles many fonts in our last update of Storyline 360.  Let's get you updated and see if republishing under the latest version fixes you up!

If you "quit" and relaunch your desktop app, you should be prompted for an update for Storyline 360.  Go ahead and choose to update, and then republish your course.

Let me know how you make out!

Teri Cremeans

Hi Alyssa,

Your question about font triggered a thought for me and it did in fact fix it. We used to use Helvetica, and then when we upgraded to Windows 10 and Storyline 3, that font was no longer supported, so we switched to Arial. However, some of the older projects are still done in Helvetica and I was updating those and seeing the scrambled text on some slides but not all. I went through and switched them to Arial, and the text is no longer scrambled! Thank you for your help!

Tonya Thomas

So—what fonts am I not supposed to use??? I've used Calibri, since it's the default in MS Office. Why doesn't that work since most everyone using the latest MS Office has it? I've used Arial in the Title slide alone and it still is swapped out or scrambled. Player font sizes are enlarged, too, even they are unchanged from 100% in the player settings.

See presentation at

Was published for HTML5 first, with Flash fallback. You'll see intended styling in the Flash version at

This is a high-stakes presentation and is highly visible and about to be promoted. This needs to get resolved immediately—so far solutions I'm reading here aren't helping.

Alyssa Gomez

Hmm, that's odd! Can you tell me the exact browsers and versions that are giving you trouble? You can open this link in any browser to easily find the version number. 

I tested your course in Chrome 66.0.3359.170.

I would also recommend clearing your browser cache before testing the course link again.

Kendra Herlig

I'm so frustrated! This is messing up in SL2, SL3, and apparently SL360 also. I can't simply try every font and see if it works? My LMS team tells me I have to publish to HTML to Scorm v2.0. And it doesn't always have issues on playback. And depends on the browser. It's worse in Chrome than in IE, but I need it to work on both. The first post on this chain was 2 years ago and the last 20 months ago. Yet a few months ago, it was still wonky when I published to HTML5 and loaded it onto the LMS. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Nate,

Can you tell me what font you're using? Let's see if we can figure this out with a few other questions:

  • Are you seeing scrambled text in Storyline preview, or after publishing?
  • Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the issue?

I'll be on the lookout for your responses to get to the root of the issue!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Daniel!

We're happy to troubleshoot this with you! Are you running into the same issue as others in this post where the text is scrambled in the Storyline 360 course? 

Let's start with these questions:

  • Do you see the text scrambled in preview or a published output like Review 360, Web, or LMS?
  • If published output, have you tested the course in different browsers? If so, are you seeing the scrambled text in a specific browser?
  • Which font are you using in the course? Have you noticed the same scrambled text when using a different font?
  • Which version of Storyline are you using? 

This will get us started so that we can determine the fix!

Jose Tansengco

Hi Ina, 

Happy to help!

We're not seeing this issue happening to other Storyline 360 users so there's a chance that the issue might be specific to the font file that you are using. As a troubleshooting step, try replacing the font used by your course with a standard font such as Arial to see if this fixes the scrambled text. You can use Storyline 360's Replace Font feature to quickly switch out the fonts. 

If the issue persists, after replacing your font, please open a case with our support team here so we can take a closer look at the behavior.