LMS is not calling correct file

Dec 18, 2017

Hello! Not sure if i'll be able to find an answer to this or not here in this forum. We published a course in Storyline 360 for our LMS. In all other courses, depending on the browser, it would call up either the HTML5 (Chrome) or the Flash (Internet Explorer). However, I just published/uploaded 3 files to the LMS, and it is only calling the HTML5 version, and therefore it is not working on those using Internet Explorer. Is there a step I'm missing for it to be able to tell which browser is being used? I did publish to both the "HTML5 with Flash Fallback" and "Flash with HTML5 fallback", both did not work. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sharon,

Which file are you pointing to within your LMS output? You'll want to use the index_lms.html file if you've published for SCORM or AICC. If the output is still blank, I'd look at the troubleshooting steps here! 

A good way to test if the LMS is running into the problems mentioned would be to test the content in SCORM Cloud as well. 

Sharon Jendrisak

Hi Ashley!

Wanted to give you an update. Though we haven't found the underlying cause, we think there was miscommunication between the LMS and the course. We uploaded the same course to a different folder, and routed the LMS to the new folder (with no other changes) and now it is working. (we were routing to index_lms.html in both cases)

For future projects, I have just updated my Storyline - just to be on the safe side!

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