Storyline3 Garbled text

Aug 14, 2019

I tried many different fonts but still see garbled text. I used to use flash but since flash support would be stopped sooner so I wonder how could I fix this problem.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jinny,

Quite the garbled text you've got!

Have you already taken a look at the steps here to fix issues with odd font displays? 

Let me know if that doesn't help, and we'll want to take a look at your course file/URL then! Are you able to share a copy of your file with us? If so, you can upload at this link using the Add Attachment button or you always have an option to share privately with our Support Engineers. Either way, we'll delete it when done testing. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jinny,

Thanks for sharing that published output with me! I uploaded that copy to my Amazon S3 server, and you can view it here.  It played back normally for me in Chrome, without any issues of garbled text. Can you take a look at that and let me know how it appears on your end. If you're still seeing the garbled text, it would help to know which browser you're using too. 

I also saw in the output that you're publishing with the first update of Storyline 3! 🙃 We're now on Storyline 3, build 3.6.18134.0! I'd look at updating your Storyline version and republishing your courses to take advantage of all those fixes and a couple of features. 

If you're using the Apache server, do you have anyone on the team who can help add those MIME Types? We only included IIS Manager as one example but it's not an area our team has expertise in.

Let me know and I'm here for any next steps! 

Jinny Jin

Thank you for your help! Here is the link I used for testing:

You could have a check about garbled text inside. Actually I tested it in other server as well yesterday and it works well. I am now sure that there is something wrong with our server, but still have no solution to fix it. 

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