Hyperlink in Feedback window not working

Sep 20, 2023

I KNOW I've done this before...

I want to run a trigger when the user selects a specific choice in a multiple choice question slide. In the feedback window, there is the option to create a hyperlink to which a trigger can be added. However, it is not doing anything when testing. Not only that, but after having previewed, I go back into the feedback window and the trigger action is gone. What is going on here?


1. Create a multiple choice question slide with several answers.

2. Under Feedback, select "By Choice"

3. Next to any one of the answers, click the MORE... button, which brings up the Feedback window.

4. Enter some feedback text and then select it.

5. Click the Globe/link icon above the text box. A trigger window will display already filled with "When the user clicks <your selected feedback text>"

6. Under Action, choose Exit course (You can select anything, but this makes so you can quickly test). Click OK, OK

7. Preview the slide.

8. Select the appropriate answer to test and select the Submit check mark. The text you entered will pop up.

9. Click the text.

EXPECTED: Course exits, because trigger had been set up.

ACTUAL: Nothing happens

10. Exit the preview and return to the feedback window for the answer in question. 

11. Again click on the globe/link icon. 

EXPECTED: The trigger previously created should display

ACTUAL: Trigger was not saved, Storyline wants you to enter a new trigger.


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