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Oct 31, 2012

I have tried to create a text hyperlink in Storyline to access a website. I select the text, and on the Insert ribbon I select Hyperlink in the text sub-section. I enter the URL in the File text field. The action is Jump to URL/File and set to occur when user clicks. when I click OK, the text is underlined like a hyperlink would be, but when I preview and publish, there is no rollover effect and nothing happens.

I have verified that the URL acesses the site in a separate browser window.

Any advice, please?

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Ed Crane

Similar issue, but slightly different...I have selected text in a text box and used the Insert --> Hyperlink feature. It creates a trigger, and when I click the green checkmark to test the pages launch.

Upon publishing, the links are active but they do not launch their respective websites.

There is no animation applied to the text boxes.

Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Edit: this happens whether I view the published file locally or from the server.

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