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Deepak Mohanty

I'm using Storyline 2 and it never happened to me.
However, I would suggest when you insert hyperlink, do it from the Triggers Panel. There you can see what exactly in the Link Text, and the File (URL) name. 

If you still face the issue, attach the .Story file with that specific slide, I'll check. 

Dr D

Hi Deepak,

Many thanks for your help with this. The problem is that the trigger is linked to the text box rather than the specific words within the text box so when I create a hyperlink it is changing both links. I'm not sure how to just use specific text by highlighting and inserting a hyperlink other than creating a hotspot over each text? The problem lies on the brain layer.


Many thanks for any advice you can offer!

Much appreciated :)

Janet Place

Hello, I am having the same problem today. I have tried creating the hyperlinks in both ways, and neither is working. Even when I highlight the text the hyperlink is applied to all of the text. I am creating a very large interactive timeline, so it is critical that the links work correctly. I have not had this problem until today.

Janet Place

Thanks for your response. I tried that repeatedly, but it did not work. Finally, I put it all in a work doc and then transferred it back in. Then it let change the links properly. It does not seem to work when I add content directly to my Storyline page. Anyway, I found a work around.

Thanks again!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Janet!

The problem you're describing sounds familiar, and I'm thinking you are encountering a bug here. 

First, what version of Storyline are you using?

Next, do you have multiple hyperlinks listed in one text box? If so, are you finding that the new hyperlink inherits the hyperlink from the line above?