Hyperlink issues

Sep 09, 2021

I have a slide of resource links in one of my courses. 

Of the nine links (all created exactly the same way), only three show the text highlighted on hover.

The three links that do show the highlight on hover only change the font color of the last word in each link. I have seen this inconsistency in other places where the link font will only partially change when clicked. 

Currently using hot spots to compensate. But is there an easier fix?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Christopher!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like you are finding the hyperlinks on one slide aren't all behaving the same. Three are highlighted when hovering, and the other six aren't highlighted without adding a hotspot. I don't see that we've logged this behavior as a software bug. Would you mind if we tested your file on our end to determine if this is indeed a software bug? You can share the .story file privately in a support case.